Mobile App Development with App Inventor

Monday to Friday (5 days) | 2.5 hours each day | Starbucks@TTDI KL, Conference Room


Camp Dates 2015 camps, to be confirmed
Duration 5 days camp (Monday-Friday) - 2.5 hours each day
Ages 11-14 (Must turn 11 by 31/12/2015)
Skill Level Beginner
Location Starbucks@TTDI KL, Conference Room
Class Size 10 students (minimum 4 students to start camp)
Price RM 1,099 (Early bird: RM 999)


##Featured Software App Inventor (Developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology-MIT & Google)

##Camp Description

I realise that phones aren’t smart until you tell them what to do

Inesh, 11 years old

We're seeing a fundamental shift in the way people are using their mobile devices. As our high school students become more technological savvy with their smartphones, we want to give them the opportunity to engage the mobile space as creators, regardless of their computer programming knowledge/experience.

App Inventor is a visual programming language that allows students to start writing mobile apps, using a simple block-oriented drag-and-drop interface. It has become a powerful tool for exposing students to the world of computer programming and helping them to create with technology, rather than being mere consumers.

This camp – Mobile App Development with App Inventor introduces children to create and publish Android applications. They will create up to five functional apps & games while learning basic programming concepts along the way. It's a gentle introduction to programming, and they will have fun creating real applications as they learn. As App Inventor integrates with Android smartphones and tablets, children will be able to run and test their apps on a physical mobile device.

For more info on App Inventor, please visit this link. It could potentially open up the programming world to kids whom may have never considered development in a new and powerful way.