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Creative Tech Camp

Founded in 2013, Creative Tech Camp began with a simple mission to provide fun, exciting and hands-on technology education to young children outside of the typical classroom setting. At our camps, young children will be learning to create video games, mobile apps and build DIY robots. What they actually learn are to design, experiment, take feedback from peers, iterate and innovate upon existing ideas – all 21st century skills for today’s children to become creative, innovative and adaptable adults.

At Creative Tech Camps, we empower your child with the skills and environment to build something amazing of their own. Placing the power of technology into your child’s hands, they can create apps, design games and even make robots to do their bidding. We want your child discover their inner interest and be inspired to create with technology, rather than just being a consumer of technology.

New for July to August 2014 - we are offering Modding and Java Programming with Minecraft .

Our Camps

During school holiday periods, we provide children age 8 to 14 a weeklong of learning to create with technology. Your child will pick up coding, design and problem solving skills, while getting exposure to the inner workings of their favourite games and the tech world around them.

Our camps have 8 students per instructor. This 8:1 ratio promotes personalised instruction for children in an engaging and collaborative setting. We encourage everyone to get up from their seat, to work with their peers and to ask tons of questions

Each camp has a blend of hands-on work on computers and un-plugged activities requiring no computers. Fiddling around with code or making things with their hands, young children will soon have an “Aha!” moment and continue to discover how things work on their own. Unplugged activities/sessions will not only lay the groundwork for children’s computational thinking skills, it will help children to appreciate how technology effects the real world around

All in all, we want children to leave the camp with relevant 21st century skills.

“Instead of simply teaching kids to use existing technologies, we must give them the tools to design and create their own.”
– By Mitchel Resnick, Director of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT Media Lab


Our instructors are passionate about teaching technology – this is a must. We recruit industry professionals, graduate students, and upper-level undergraduates majoring in technology related fields.

Dr. Ewe Chun Te.

Chun Te holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College London and he came back to Malaysia in 2010 after spending 10 years in the UK completing his studies and for work. While in the UK, he had the opportunity to work for a major IT consulting company, being involved in a few tech start-up companies and teaching undergraduate students at his Alma mater.

Ever since returning from the UK, Chun Te have harboured the desire to impart his enthusiasm for technology to the future generation. After a few years working with a local strategy and business consulting firm, he started CreativeTechCamp as a realisation of this desire.

Audrey Ng

Audrey holds an MEng. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London. During her studies, she actively engaged in teaching and education activities for summer school kids in London. Audrey’s biggest satisfaction came from imparting the fun and excitement to learning while children explore their curiosity.

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