Here’s why we love Creative Tech Summer Camps:

Explore New Interest

Does your child express their interest in Minecraft, want to be a Youtuber, or a game creator? Let's explore this interest!

In addition to learning to code, they're also developing their problem-solving, creative, and social skills. Some of our campers used our camp projects for college appllications and some for their own YouTube channel.

Our Tech Camps give students a leg up in the digital savvy world while also being a fun and memorable part of their holidays. Learn new skills this holiday!

It's Fun with a Purpose

This summer camp, we focus on Minecraft! Everyday, hours are poured into Minecraft. Our camp turn these hours to more than just idle entertainment.

We crack the Java code behind the game. Kids learn professional Java programming, writing if-else-statements, loops and Boolean logic to create their Mods. Realworld code has a steep learning curve. We help young coders create things they find relevant and engaging.

Our campers' own word: Its fun with a purpose! Once you crack Java code, you can understand the rest!

Collaborative Self Learning

Our Tech Camps are designed with collaborative elements. Even individual projects have social elements as they participate in testing, debugging, and prototyping.

Kids can learn almost as much from each other as they do from their instructors. They also constantly test new ideas with Dr Ewe himself!

Our facilitators are Ivy League graduates and many of our campers do in touch with them!

Holiday Camps


Creative Tech Camp

Founded in 2013, Creative Tech Camp began with a simple mission to provide fun, exciting and hands-on technology education to young children outside of the typical classroom setting. At our camps, young children will be learning to create video games, mobile apps and build DIY robots. What they actually learn are to design, experiment, take feedback from peers, iterate and innovate upon existing ideas – all 21st century skills for today’s children to become creative, innovative and adaptable adults.

At Creative Tech Camps, we empower your child with the skills and environment to build something amazing of their own. Placing the power of technology into your child’s hands, they can create apps, design games and even make robots to do their bidding. We want your child discover their inner interest and be inspired to create with technology, rather than just being a consumer of technology.


Our instructors are passionate about teaching technology – this is a must. We recruit industry professionals, graduate students, and upper-level undergraduates majoring in technology related fields.

Dr. Ewe Chun Te

Ever since returning from the UK, Chun Te have harboured the desire to impart his enthusiasm for technology to the future generation. With that, he started CreativeTechCamp as a realisation of this desire.

Most recently, he and a few like minded people are on a journey to launch Acton Academy KL, a self-driven learner community.

Chun Te has a Ph.D. in Circuit & Systems at Imperial College London. He has worked in strategy, business and IT consulting firms. He served a range of private and public sector clients in a variety projects requiring strong analytical thinking and project management skills.

Audrey Ng

Audrey holds an MEng. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London. During her studies, she actively engaged in teaching and education activities for summer school kids in London.

Audrey’s biggest satisfaction came from imparting the fun and excitement to learning while children explore their curiosity.

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